Miloš Dvořáček

Concert (not only) for a drum kit with more than a small dose of surprise. It would be difficult to find a drummer of similar nature as Miloš Dvořáček in the Czech and foreign musician waters. Without the media laurels he stands behind the emergence of many major groupings, projects and recordings. Decades of cooperation with Czech top musicians from various fields led him to stage confidence and great musical perspective, triggering positive vibes even before sitting down to his kit.

This project, based exclusively on Milos solo performance avoids the need to think beyond the music.
Controlled spontaneity, genuine measure of improvisation, singing combined with refined musical interludes of musical equilibristic and virtuosity on anything from a saucepan over drone. On the seeming wave of recklessness and lightness Miloš Dvořáček performs music from all corners of his musical soul and leaves no doubt that he is doing what a musician has to do.  He shares a great gift of music, shared joy.
Part of the evening will also be the duo Smeykal  – Dvořáček. These two musicians often accompanied each other on the stage in earlier times and this performance will be a true dance party.

26.08.2015, 16:00 Miloš Dvořáček – sólo drumming show