Petr Špatina

Petr Nikl (1960) is a versatile artist, theatre afficianado, singer and musician, painter and graphic artist.

The author of distinctive nonsense poetry and shorter prose works, which have so far been published in nine titles including Pohádka o Rybitince (2001; in English as A Fairy Tale about a Wee Fish Named Rybitinka, 2003), O Rybabě a Mořské duši (2002; in English as Rybaba and the Sea Soul, 2005), Lingvistické pohádky (2006), Záhádky (2007; Book of the year in the Magnesia Litera competition, 2008; Zlatá stuha prize, 2008; Most Beautiful Czech Book of the Year 2007 in the category Literature for Children and Young People, 2008) and Přeshádky (2010). He was born in Zlín and studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague.

25.08.2015, 17:00 Petr Špatina – hra na sklěněnou harfu